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LadyBoys Shots is the site to be at for access to the sexiest, naughtiest, and kinkiest ladyboys the 'net has to offer. Some of you who visit LadyBoy Shots already know what kathoeys, ladyboys, and shemales are, and others might be curious and new to the world of transgenders. For those of you who are not familiar with the terms, we will explain a bit about them soon, but first, lets get to the good stuff.

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Now that you know what you will find inside each category of LadyBoy Shots, it is time to explain a little bit about what a kathoey, ladyboy, and shemale is. The term kathoey is often used to describe an effeminate gay male or a male-female transgender person in Thailand. The English term is a ladyboy. The term shemale is a slang term used in the English language, and predominately in the sex industries to refer to a transsexual. Shemales have the breasts of an adult female, but have not gone through genital reassignment surgery. They are also referred to as tranny, chicks with dicks, and ladyboy. A shemale may also have other characteristics of a female, but still have a penis.